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Briggs & Riley Explore 22″ Upright Carry-on Luggage ReviewThe phrase, “you get what you pay for” certainly applies to the Briggs and Riley BRX Explore 22″ Upright carry on. In fact, the phrase works for any Briggs and Riley luggage gear review. Briggs and Riley luggage is a little more expensive than your big box store brand. However, the “simple as that” warranty can not be beat in the luggage industry. More on the warranty at the end of the post.

BRX geared to adventure traveler

The BRX line is marketed to the upscale adventure traveler. Designed for durability and ease-of-use, Briggs and Riley travel gear is built to withstand the rigors of airline travel. At 7.5 pounds, the Briggs and Riley Explore makes my old Samsonite carry-on look like a portable safe – heavy and boxy.

Spacious, flat packing

The outside handle system allows for spacious, flat packing. I also like the sturdy handles on the top and side of the carry-on, as they make it easy to hoist the luggage into the overhead airline bin. I miss the elastic stretch bands on the compression panels. I can’t fit as many cloths under the compression panels as I can with my Briggs and Riley wheeled upright duffle bag.

Pocket Design

The expandable slash pocket on the outside of the Briggs and Riley Explore 22″ Carry-on was perfect to store my windbreaker, while the front zippered compartment can accommodate a 16″ laptop computer. The easy-access front pockets were perfect for holding boarding passes and reading materials for the flight. However, I had a problem with the placement of the interior zipper compartment on the top of the carry-on bag. While the zip pocket was easily accessible from the outside of the bag, items tended to fall out of the pocket – like my Canon camera charger – when not opened on a flat surface

Simple as that Briggs and Riley warranty

On a recently trip from Norway to San Francisco my Briggs and Riley duffle (yes, that’s how B&R spells duffel bag) performed like a champ. Unfortunately, my luggage was handled rather rough in the customs screening at San Francisco International Airport. My duffle bag skidded to the ground and a wheel axel came loose. I limped my Briggs and Riley bag home and immediately went on line to see how to repair my favorite piece of luggage. I located a Briggs and Riley Authorized Repair Center and drove to Moss Beach, California for some emergency triage. Simple as that – my duffle bag was repaired. The Briggs and Riley repair man even gave me a replacement wheel just in case. How simple was that?

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The Briggs and Riley Explore 22″ Upright Carry-on retails for $290 and comes in three colors – Amber, Ocean and Slate.


Make sure to include the address of your destination inside your luggage. If the outside luggage tag is lost, baggage handlers will know where to deliver your luggage should you become separated from your travel gear.

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Briggs and Riley supplied me with this luggage gear for review.

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    I have reviewed two of their bags now; rolling duffle and the carry on. Both Briggs and Riley bags are super performers for the business or adventure traveler.

  2. I have a couple of Briggs & Riley bags and they are a wonderful brand – my ears always perk up when I hear they have something new because I’ve been impressed with their quality and durability… just can’t go wrong with B&R whether you travel a lot of just occasionally. You’re so lucky to get to review their stuff! 🙂

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