Best Things to See and Do in Zeil, Netherlands

Brouwersdam Surfcentrum, Zeil
Things to Do in Brouwersdam Surfcentrum, Zeil

In the United States, windsurfing is a popular sport. Windsurfers are spotted everywhere, from the San Francisco Bay to Oregon’s Columbia Gorge.

On a spring visit to Zeil, Netherlands, I learned that windsurfing is a popular sport for the Dutch, as well. Check out the body slide in the YouTube video.

What are your favorite things to do in Zeeland – or Zealand as it is called in the United States?

Photo and YouTube video by Nancy D. Brown.  I was a guest of  the Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions.

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Things to See and Do in Zeeland, Netherlands

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  1. @Jennifer
    I have tried windsurfing in Carmel, California. Personally, I thought it was difficult to pull up the sail while attempting to keep my balance!

  2. I heard so much good things about Netherlands, like the good weather and everything. I am sorry for myself because I can afford to travel there. My only options are to look into pictures and blogs describing the beauty of the place. Ha! Ha!

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