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Travel addict. Freelance writer. Horse lover. Follow me and check out my blog

Lonely Planet’s Extreme Planet Book Review

Lonely Planet's Extreme Planet, not for parents! Extreme Planet is Lonely Planet's recently released follow up to the best-selling Not-For-Parents Travel Book. Intended for kids, Extreme Planet  takes readers through the planet's "most extreme" superlatives: longest, oldest, tallest, widest, hottest, etc. Travel book for children As this travel book is written for children, I decided [...]


Sprout Watch Review

The first thing I noticed when I tried on the Sprout ST/6500MPDP watch was how light it was. The Sprout wrist watch had a large face and strong band, and looked like it should be heavy and cumbersome. I was pleasantly surprised to be proved wrong. The mother of pearl face was large and readable [...]

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