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Congratulations! Your photograph has been selected as part of the iPhone World Gallery! That’s the e-mail I received from Apple announcing that I was chosen for World Gallery and that my photo would appear on a billboard. As a travel writer and freelance photographer, this validation of my work from such a powerful high technology company was music to my ears, or should I say brilliantly stunning visuals to my eyes. As a Northern California native, I’ve been aware of Apple Inc. since personal computers were introduced in Cupertino, California and throughout the world.

I’m well aware that the iPhone has transformed our relationship with photography and has changed the way we capture moments and share our precious photos via social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. On March 2, 2015, Apple launched a global exhibit highlighting the everyday photographer. 174 images were hand selected to be featured on Apple’s World Gallery, including outdoor billboards, print magazines and on the company website. Spanning across 25 countries and 76 cities, I’m one of a few iPhone users to have my photo showcased in the largest mobile photography gallery ever created.

In fact, Apple actually thanked me for helping the Cupertino-based company to showcase the capabilities of the iPhone 6. “After all, your creativity is the reason we created the iPhone camera in the first place.”

romanesco cauliflower, iphone 6, world gallery
Romanesco Cauliflower shot on iPhone 6. Photo © 2015 Nancy D. Brown

World famous produce

Before Instagram existed, I snapped photos of people, places and things on my Canon camera to accompany my travel writing. With the introduction of the iPhone, I began taking pictures on it and upgrading my smartphone each year as advancing technology became available. I have been very pleased with the quality of the iPhone 6 photos.

oxbow market, napa, california

I shot this photo of Romanesco Cauliflower on the iPhone 6 at Oxbow Produce & Grocery inside the Oxbow Public Market in downtown Napa, California. I was on a field trip with Chef Malcolm de Sieyes before our class at Silverado Cooking School.

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cauliflower, oxbow public market, napa, california
Oxbow Produce & Grocery photo © 2015 Nancy D. Brown

The Romanesco Cauliflower’s unique shape captured my attention and reminded me of a cross between an Etch a sketch and a Spirograph. Look for my produce photo to appear on the back cover of Food and Travel magazine UK and HANAKO, a Japanese magazine. Please follow me on Instagram and check out my fellow World Gallery photographer’s pictures shot on iPhone 6 at

Article written by and photos courtesy of Nancy D. Brown of What a Trip, Travels from Northern California. No produce was harmed in the making of this blog post.