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Coney Island, Ohio: More than 125 Years of Fun


A section of a vintage style mural highlighting Coney Island's early days. When my cousin and I were searching for a location for our twin fathers' recent birthday celebration, my dad suggested Coney Island on the banks of the Ohio River, 10 miles east of Cincinnati. This is the amusement park of our childhoods. With its [...]

The Golden Lamb: Ohio’s oldest hotel–historic and haunted

2019-12-07T13:07:09-08:00Food, Lodging, Ohio, Travel, United States|

First opened in 1803 as a "house of Public Entertainment," The Golden Lamb in Lebonon is Ohio's oldest hotel. Not long after its debut,  the hotel was moved to its current location in 1815. The red brick building was added onto over the years to expand it from its original two stories to four stories, and it eventually became a favorite stop between Cincinnati [...]