Dromoland Castle at Night

Are you interested in my hotel recommendations in the British Isles and Ireland? National Geographic Traveler magazine wants to know my top selections.

Beth Lizardo from National Geographic Traveler, has selected me to be a part of a panel of nominators for hotels in the British Isles and Ireland.

The criteria for possible inclusion in the April 2010 issue are:

As a travel professional, you are in a unique position to nominate one or more hotels (with 6 or more rooms) within the British Isles and Ireland that enhance a traveler’s “sense of place” experience. And by “sense of place” we mean hotels that wholeheartedly reflect the spirit of their locations both in practice and aesthetic.


When thinking about which hotels to nominate, useful questions to ask yourself are:

  • Does the architecture reflect its location?
  • Does it engage in eco-sustainable practices?
  • Serve local food?
  • And most important, does it offer guests good service and a unique experience as opposed to one that could be had anywhere in the world?

What are your top lodging selections? Let’s compare notes.

Thanks to Noel Moore of UpThe Banner Photography for the use of Dromoland Castle at Night. Dromoland Castle is a five star hotel located in County Clare, Ireland.