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Quickly The Magic Spatula, Quickly’s Magical Pancake Adventure Book Reviews

Wednesday May 29, 2013 at 5:05 AM | 5 Comments


Ella Culberton

Quickly The Magic Spatula book review by Ella Culbertson

This fun read by authors Jeryl Abelmann and Miriam Kronish tells the story of a brother and sister reminiscing the pancakes prepared by their mother through their childhood and adult life.  As an adult, Quickly The Magic Spatula was easy to relate to as we can all point to everyday items such as a spatula that allow us to recall favorite memories.  For a three (and three-quarters) year old girl, the book was about pancakes and fancy red high heels – both of which are pretty high on Ella’s list of favorite things. 

We enjoyed reading the children’s book Quickly The Magic Spatula together – for one of us it was a reminder that the best family memories stem from everyday routine, and for one of us it was a good reminder to ask mommy to bake pancakes in the morning!

Quickly Magical Pancake Adventure travel book review

Quickly Magical Pancake Adventure travel book review

Quickly’s Magical Pancake Adventure

The follow-up story to Quickly the Magic Spatula by Jeryl Abelmann and Miriam Kronish revisits Quickly, the spatula, and his new friend Bernie, also a spatula.  The story is interesting and entertaining, working in history and cooking tips into a kids travel story.  The authors do a fantastic job throughout the book of introducing new vocabulary words for early readers and providing great context to understand the new words.  Both Ella and I love the illustrations of all of the different types of spatulas that Quickly and Bernie run into throughout the book.

This book is multi-functional, serving as a bedtime book, pancake cookbook and travel book.  After reading a few chapters of the book at bedtime, we always discuss all the different pancake recipes that we want to try on the weekend.

Where to buy:

Quickly The Magic Spatula and Quickly’s Magical Pancake Adventure

Suggested retail: $9.95-$14.95. Check website for details.

Jeryl Abelmann provided me with these travel books for review purposes.


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Nuu Muu Dress Travel Apparel Review

Tuesday March 19, 2013 at 5:05 AM | 0 Comments

"Nuu-Muu dress"

Nuu-Muu dress for exercise, travel, swimsuit cover; a review.

If you are an active adventure traveler, you need travel clothes to match your travel style. On a recent trip to Maui, Hawaii I found myself going from breakfast to yoga class, to the spa and then to the swimming pool.  While I love wearing the soft, white, fluffy robes that the luxury resorts provide, sometimes I feel a bit under-dressed going outside of my room – and my comfort zone, in a robe. It’s always a little awkward riding in a hotel elevator with my robe and flip flops, no matter how cute the shoes!

Nuu-Muu travel dress

When the folks at Nuu-Muu asked me to review their exercise dress I had the perfect opportunity during a visit to Lumeria Maui in Makawao, and Travaasa Hana, both luxury resorts on the Hawaiian Island of Maui.  I confess that I was concerned how the dress would look on my curvy body, as opposed to the fit models shown on the website.  Fortunately, the designer markets the Nuu-Muu as fitting “real women’s bodies.”

The Nuu-Muu is made of a soft and breathable, moisture wicking Polyester/Lycra blend and comes in many colors and sizes. I chose the basic black X-dress; simple and flattering. For petite young things, the dress may be worn alone or with leggings. I wore my Nuu-Muu exercise dress with yoga shorts and was very comfortable from standing poses to yoga mat work. The sleeveless dress has a pocket in the back of the dress for slipping in a hotel key or holding money. I didn’t use the pocket, as I was lying on my back for some of the yoga class.

Nuu-Muu exercise dress

I felt comfortable wearing the Nuu-Muu at the restaurant for meals, as well as using the dress as a bathing suit coverup. As the Nuu Muu looks and feels like a dress, it is ideal for resort restaurants with a dress code that do not allow bathing suit cover ups.

From bike riding to tennis playing or exercising, the Nuu-Muu allows for a wide range of motion, combining fashion and function. The Nuu-Muu X-Dress retails for $70. Check website for additional products.

Where to buy


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Nuu-Muu review written and photos by Travel Writer Nancy D. Brown of What a Trip, Travels from Northern California.  Nuu Muu supplied me with this dress for a travel apparel review

Sprout Watch Review

Thursday November 15, 2012 at 5:05 AM | 0 Comments

The first thing I noticed when I tried on the Sprout ST/6500MPDP watch was how light it was. The Sprout wrist watch had a large face and strong band, and looked like it should be heavy and cumbersome. I was pleasantly surprised to be proved wrong.

The mother of pearl face was large and readable without being bulky. The butterfly closure made the watch easy to get on and off, while still holding the watch secure, and the light up dial allowed me to see the time even in poorly lit places.

Sprout ST/6500MPDP watch travel gear review

Being Green

One of the best things about Sprout wrist watches is that the company strives to be eco-friendly, without lowering the quality of their products. The Sprout watch came in recycled packaging, and it felt just a little better knowing that the watch was made with complete consideration for the environment. Many eco-friendly products end up being dull and muted in color, but the Sprout watch came in a variety of vibrant hues.

At least 80% of the materials used to make Sprout watches are natural, low-impact, biodegradable, recyclable or renewable. Sprout also uses mercury free batteries.

The Sprout watch didn’t have any spectacular features, but it performed the basic functions of a watch admirably. Sprout’s commitment to the environment is what sets it apart from other similar products. That, along with the light weight and easy to read face, makes the Sprout watch an excellent choice for anyone in the market for a new timepiece.


If You Go:

Sprout Wrist Watches

Price: $80

Sprout Watches supplied me with this travel gear for review.