Barbecue Grilling Tips

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Barbecues at Barbecue University at The Broadmoor, Colorado Springs

“Keep it hot, keep it clean and keep it lubricated,” that was the mantra chanted by grilling authority and PBS TV host Steven Raichlen while teaching Barbecue University at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Over three smoking-hot days, Barbecue University students learned the difference between barbecue and grilling, direct and indirect grilling and too many barbecue grilling tips to recount.


Barbecue at The Broadmoor

When I say “smoking-hot days” I’m referring to the chimney starters on the rows and rows of barbecue grills at The Broadmoor’s Cheyenne Lodge. The weather at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, Colorado could not have been better. This was my first visit to Colorado Springs and The Broadmoor Hotel and I am now a BBQU (Barbecue University) groupie. I have sipped the Kool-aid (flavorful Trivento wines were served at this three day event), tasted the barbecue sauce and licked my plate clean. I am not proud of my behavior, but I did pass Steven Raichlen’s Great American Barbecue Quiz and I have my graduation certificate to prove it!

"Steven Raichlen"

Steven Raichlen on grilling & smoking at Barbecue University at The Broadmoor, Colorado Springs

Barbecue University attracts barbecue aficionados

There’s no denying that there were some serious barbecue aficionados in attendance at Barbecue University. I know a Weber gas barbecue from a Little Chief Smoker (we have both brands at our home in California) but I’m not yet able to sing the praises of a “Big Green Egg” for making smoked apple crisp with candied bacon or rave about Trager’s Pellet Grill for producing the ideal cherry-glazed baby back ribs with cherry barbecue sauce – a few of the many innovative recipes we received in our Barbecue University binder, along with our Barbecue University apron and rubber ducky.

"barbecue university"

Lunch is served at Barbecue University at The Broadmoor

If you love grilling, learning new recipes, spending time bonding as a father and son or simply enjoy sharing gourmet meals with 50+ new friends, you’ll love attending Barbecue University at The Broadmoor. It’s also the ideal place to test drive a Japanese smoker, Brazilian rotisserie, Indian tandoor or Weber Ranch – among many others – before laying out the big bucks for some fine piece of equipment delivered to your backyard.

I interacted with a lovely Southern doctor from Tennessee, (she’s been coming to BBQU for over 10 years) an engineering couple from Utah who traveled to Colorado Springs with their dogs (The Broadmoor is very dog-friendly) and a multi-generational family from Florida who love to cook together. I also saw several San Francisco bay area couples who didn’t expect their wives to get so excited about learning new barbecue recipes and grilling tips. Believe me, you will be the sought out neighbor at the pot luck gathering or head honcho at your next tailgate with your Barbecue University degree.

barbecue, "Barbecue University"

Barbecue University underway at The Broadmoor, Colorado Springs

Barbecue University at The Broadmoor package

Barbecue University is a popular dining package at The Broadmoor. The three day, three night interactive grilling course is open to guests with no prior grilling experience (that would be me) to those who know the difference between lump charcoal and briquettes or can spot a Fire Magic Echelon gas supergrill compared to a Horizon offset barrel smoker…you know who you are.

Afternoons are open to enjoy The Broadmoor’s Spa, one of several golf courses on property, go horseback riding in the Pike National Forest or hike around the Gardens of the Gods.

Barbecue University at The Broadmoor packages start at $2,100. for three nights based on double-occupancy. Check the website for current pricing and dates.

"Big Chief Smokehouse"

Big Chief Smokehouse, Hood River, Oregon

Insider Tip
For additional insider tips follow Luxury Travel Writer Nancy D. Brown on Twitter @nancydbrown as well as @Sraichlen and @TheBroadmoor on Twitter for future Barbecue University information.

If You Go:
Barbecue University with Steven Raichlen (855) 634-7711
The Broadmoor
1 Lake Avenue
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80906

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Article, video and photos by Rookie Grill Master Nancy D. Brown. I was a guest of The Broadmoor for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Whobert’s Path — A Traveler’s Treasure

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Whobert's Path, free from Grio Games, is a great traveling companion.

Whobert’s Path, free from Grio Games, is a great traveling companion.

Parents traveling with kids — picture this scenario: You’re at a crowded airport gate. The flight attendant just announced that your flight is delayed, again. Your kids are bickering over what to play on the iPad. He wants Angry Birds. She wants Candy Crush. You’re sick of them playing these mindless games over and over. You reach for the iPad and open Whobert’s Path. Moments later they are playing the challenging memory/concentration game and your guilt is assuaged.

Whobert’s Path, developed by Grio Games is a free, exciting new memory game with gorgeous graphics and pleasant music (seriously), focuses on matching tiles to help Whobert, a lost wizard, regain his memory and get home.

It’s not just for kids either. Casual gamers bored with gem-swapping and runner games will find Whobert’s Path thrilling, challenging and addictive. Why not give your brain a workout while playing a beautifully designed game.

Whobert's Path develops concentration and memory.

Whobert’s Path develops concentration and memory.

Whobert’s Path has 10 themed episodes (like nautical and mystical adventures) with constantly changing obstacles on 126 increasing levels!  It’s fast-paced, fun, and tricky.

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of downtime when it comes to traveling — long car, train, and plane rides, lines, and delays. And when traveling with kids, wouldn’t it be put to better use feeding those cerebral cells?

It’s a free download at the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. Check out the rave reviews!

This post was contributed by Lisa Crovo Dion or Friscomama. I work with Grio Games to get the word out on Whobert’s Path (and play it myself!).

Photos courtesy of Grio Games.

Whobert's Path is challenging and beautiful to look at.

Whobert’s Path is challenging and beautiful to look at.



Stella and Dot for Travel

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"Nancy D. Brown" travel

Nancy D. Brown wearing Stella & Dot Wild Hearts scarf with gold Somervell necklace and Soiree gold stud earrings.

It’s not often that I’m dressed up wearing makeup, jewelry and fancy clothes. I’m more comfortable wearing a sensible pair of travel shoes, clothes that won’t wrinkle on an airplane and simple earrings. My idea of dressing up an outfit is adding a gorgeous scarf. Scarves keep me warm, allow me to be appropriately and respectfully dressed when traveling abroad and add color to an otherwise basic wardrobe. My new best friend is Stella and Dot for travel. While the San Francisco-based company specializes in jewelry, they offer colorful print scarves and great totes and travel bags.

Stella & Dot Personal Stylist

My friend and Stella & Dot Personal Stylist, Jane Reid, is coordinating a Stella & Dot Online Trunk Show.  Shopping online is easier for those of us who opt for travel over shopping at the mall. If you need help finding the perfect accessory or have questions about the travel apparel, Jane will give you a complimentary style session.

"Stella & Dot" bag

Stella & Dot Getaway bag with Briggs & Riley carryon.

Stella & Dot travel apparel

As travel is a large part of my job as a freelance writer, I have mastered the art of packing light. I tend to travel with solid colored outfits and accentuate with scarves and just the right piece of jewelry or pair of earrings. Jane let me borrow her Stella & Dot “Hang on” travel organizer, perfect for holding my cosmetics and earrings – it even comes with a built in hanger (yep, that’s why they call it the Hang On) for hanging on the hotel towel bar.

I packed a couple of Stella & Dot scarves, the red & black Luxembourg scarf – Wild Hearts and the black and blue Luxembourg scarf  – Cerulean Tiger. Both scarves are 100% Rayon for a wrinkle-free look day and night.

"Stella & Dot" tote

Stella & Dot Avalon Tote

Stella & Dot travel gear

I typically travel with my laptop computer and absolutely love the Tom Bihn Checkpoint Flyer bag because I don’t need to remove my computer from the bag during airport security screenings.
This trip, I brought Stella & Dot’s multistripe getaway bag with me to The Broadmoor resort in Colorado Springs. With top zip closure, one exterior slip pocket and one interior zip pocket, my laptop fit easily in the travel bag and I sailed through the airport. (I also got a lot of compliments on the bag, as it served as my pool bag and spa bag, with its interior spill resistant material.)

An added bonus for this travel-savvy gal, I brought Stella & Dot’s Avalon Tote with me to Colorado and slid the geranium-colored tote (I call it a purse) inside my Getaway bag. Once in my hotel room, I stashed the Getaway bag and used the tote as my purse. Again, lots of compliments on my cute red bag!

"Stella & Dot" Elephant Pouf

Stella & Dot Elephant Pouf

The Elephant pouf held my charging cords, although it would serve perfectly as a cosmetics bag, too. Whether you are looking for travel scarves, travel bags or fashionable and reasonably priced jewelry, you might want to check out my online Stella & Dot trunk show. The online show is only open during the month of June, so check it out and let me know your favorite Stella and Dot for travel!

Where to buy online

Stella & Dot