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8 Summer Travel Essentials

With summer approaching, we’ll be packing up for road trips, family travel and European vacations. Here are eight summer travel essentials that will keep you covered from head to toe on your next vacation.

Insect Shield

Zika […]

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Book Review: The Wander Society


to walk/explore/amble in an unplanned or aimless way with a complete openness to the unknown

I’d never given much thought to wandering. When I travel, I wander. I amble down streets, unsure of where I’m headed, […]

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Diamond Luxury at Aria Sky Suites Las Vegas

Some of you may be old enough to remember the 1996 movie Jerry Maguire when Renée Zellweger says to Tom Cruise, “you had me at hello.” Well, that’s how I feel about Aria Sky Suites […]

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Domestic Violence Training in Hotel Industry

Did you know that 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men will be a victim of domestic violence? It can happen in hostels and it can happen in luxury hotels. I was a […]

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Paws Up: American West Luxury in Montana

“Amazing the things you find when you bother to search for them.” Sacagawea
These are the types of quotes you’ll find on your bed each night at The Resort at Paws Up near Missoula, Montana. Located […]

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Take Me Home: A Road Trip Movie Gem

With season of summer road trips almost upon us, here is a movie that is a reminder of what it’s like to discover oneself and a kernel of truth about life along the open road.  “Take Me […]