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If you enjoy going horseback riding on vacation, you’ll want to check out my new blog – Writinghorseback.com Travel blogs are bubbling up faster than popping corn in a microwave oven. What makes a travel blog unique? Obviously the travel blog has to be well written and have wonderful photos; it also has to have a highly-focused niche that is often searched for on the internet.

My travel blogging niche is horseback riding vacations.

Passion for Travel and Horse Lover

At  Writinghorseback.com, I’ve combined my passion for travel with my love of horses. It made sense to launch Writinghorseback.com, as I’m not the only horse-crazy fool who jumps at the chance to go on a horseback riding vacation as often as possible.

Writinghorseback.com will serve as your guide to horseback riding vacations and equestrian travel deals. As I’m already traveling to wonderful locations for my newspaper and magazine articles, I thought it made sense to have a website devoted to the best horseback riding vacations.


An Icelandic Horseback Riding VacationAs the site grows, I plan to offer lodging and equestrian-based horseback riding vacation discounts to subscribers. My first exclusive rate is for a trip to Iceland to ride the Icelandic ponies. I will also be writing horse-related tack and riding apparel reviews.




If you are a fan of social media, please consider becoming a Writing Horseback Facebook Fan. Not only will you find me on Twitter @Nancydbrown, I’m also the equestrian tweeter behind @Ridinghorseback.

How to pack for Alaska winter vacation

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"Jeff King Frozen Alaska"

Iditarod Sled Dog Race Champion Jeff King of Denali Park knows how to pack for an Alaska winter vacation.

It’s winter and I’m wearing my Mukluks to break them in for my upcoming trip to Anchorage and Fairbanks, Alaska. Only problem is, I live in Northern California, so my two teenagers are giving me the look.

I’ve snow-proofed my Arctic Mukluks with water repellent and added the felt inserts to keep my feet toasty warm as I watch the start of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race and while I’m checking out the ice sculptures at the 2010 World Ice Art Championships in Fairbanks, Alaska.

My last trip to Anchorage and Fairbanks was August, 2009. A highlight of that trip was holding a sled dog puppy. Termination dust was just starting to blanket the hillsides. A sign that winter was on its way.

Early March I’ll be flying Alaska Airlines from San Francisco to Anchorage to watch the “Last Great Race on Earth” as a guest of Alaska Travel.

For all things Alaska, follow them on Twitter. Of course, I’ll be tweeting during my trip, as well. The Fairbanks CVB is on Twitter, too.

Prepare for wide temperature ranges during Alaska winter vacation

“In a winter trip to Alaska, you have to be prepared for a huge temperature range,” notes Lyle Croft of Fairbanks-based Apocalypse Design. “It can be 40′F above one day and -40′F the next. You worry about moisture at warmer temperatures as everything around is melting. Colder temperatures you want to stay warm.”

When Croft volunteers for the Yukon Quest, a dog-sled race in Fairbanks, he has multiple outfits for different temperatures, including different insulation levels of hats and boots. (Clearly this guy doesn’t need to worry about carry-on restrictions.)

How to pack for an Alaska winter vacation

  • Layering is key.
  • Synthetic is in – cotton is out.
  • Long underwear – Cuddl Duds for me.
  • Fleece Pants – mine are from Apocalypse Design
  • Snow Bib – Apocalypse Design
  • Moisture wicking t-shirts
  • Long-sleeve shirts for layering
  • Snow Parka – insulation levels vary – Apocalypse Design Alpine Parka Review
  • Arctic Mitts – mine are from Steger Mukluks & Moccasins
  • Smart wool socks - Icebreaker Merino Wool Sock Review
  • Arctic Mukluks – Steger Mukluks Review
  • Warm hat
  • Bathing Suit – I’m going to Chena Hotsprings

The key to warm feet on Alaska winter vacation

Patti Steger of Steger Mukluks and Moccasins adds that, “flexibility, insulation and light weight are the keys to warm feet. If your hand are cold, you understand that with vigorous motion you will generate blood supply to warm them. That same principle applies to your feet. The colder it gets, the more flexible and insulated you must be.”

Have you been to Alaska in the winter? What have I left off my “How to pack for an Alaska winter vacation” list? Please leave a comment with your suggestions.

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Best Things to See and Do in Wickenburg, Arizona

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Posted by Nancy D. Brown

See the Saguaro Giant Cactus in Wickenburg, Arizona

When I crave good hearty Cowboy cuisine, I turn to Cowboy Cafe.

To escape work I go to The Spa at Los Caballeros.

For complete quiet, I can hide away at the Hassayampa River Preserve.

If you come to Wickenburg, get your picture taken at the Historic Jail Tree.

If you have to order one thing off the menu at Anita’s Cocina, get the Carne Asada dinner. 

Wickenburg is my one stop shop for western wear.

When I’m feeling cash-strapped, I go to DJ’s Frontier Diner.

For a huge splurge, I go to Rancho de los Caballeros for an all-inclusive horseback riding vacation.

Photo ops in Wickenburg include: Bronze statues in downtown; vulture peak; historic Santa Fe Depot; Box Canyon and Historic Vulture Mine.

The best vantage points are taken by hiking to the top of Vulture Peak.

The most random thing about Wickenburg is that they are known for having top-notch addiction treatment centers. In fact, when I was in Wickenburg reviewing  the Kay El Bar Guest Ranch, the local paper reported that Tiger Woods was rumored to be in town for sexual addiction treatment.

In Wickenburg, an active day outdoors involves walking or hiking, horseback riding, roping or jeeping.

My favorite walking route is the Westside pedestrian trail next to Highway 60.

See the Desert Caballeros Western Museum in Wickenburg, Arizona

To find out what’s going on at night or on weekends, read The Wickenburg Sun.

You can tell a lot about Wickenburg from visiting our rural community and watching a special heritage event.

In the spring you should attend Cowgirl Up!

In the summer you should check out Fiesta de Septiembre.



The winter is a good time to go to Gold Rush Days and Rodeo.

 A hidden gem in Wickenburg is the Del E. Webb Center for the Performing Arts.

For a great breakfast treat or espresso, go to Nana’s Sandwich Saloon.


There are plenty of cowboys and cowgirls in Wickenburg, Arizona

Just outside of Wickenburg you can visit Congress, Arizona, have lunch at Nichols West.

The best way to see Wickenburg is to take the historical walking tour of downtown.

If you have kids, you won’t want to miss Camp Imagination, Wickenburg Fly-In & Car Show, hiking the Hassayampa Preserve and visiting the gem & mineral room at the Desert Caballeros Western Museum.

What are your favorite things to see and do in Wickenburg?

Thank you to Julie Brooks of the Wickenburg Chamber of Commerce for assistance with this post.

All photos by Nancy D. Brown