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Lassoing the Sun: An Ode to National Parks and People

By the end of the first two pages of Lassoing the Sun: A Year in America’s National Parks, by Mark Woods, I was hooked. This is not just a memoir of Woods’s year traveling through national parks, […]

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Giving Your Time, Not Things on Vacation

As I left the comfort of my air-conditioned bus, I followed a cobblestone street deep into the heart of El Javillar. A trio of young Dominican children laughed and played under the stream of a […]

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Cuba & Dominican Republic Cruise Ship Review

I’ve had the good fortune to sail on small ships, large ships, mega ships and river cruise longships. I enjoy the floating hotel aspect of cruising, as I like seeing new places and only having […]

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Holistic Wellness Retreat in Loreto, Mexico

Air, space, fire, water and earth. I recently learned what make up the five elements of Aryurveda thanks to a holistic wellness retreat at Villa del Palmar Loreto. I’ve experienced an Aryurvedic massage before, but […]

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A Spiritual Retreat in Southern California

In need of a little respite from the real world, I booked a stay at the San Diego Spiritual Retreat Center an hour northeast from San Diego near Julian, California. The retreat promised stillness and yoga, two things I could definitely use more of.

As I drove through the countryside just a few dozen miles from my city, I marveled at how quickly the terrain and culture changed. In Ramona, rodeos and horses were at the center of society. Even further up in the mountains, people might not ever go to San Diego. Unfathomable. How did they ever shop at Target so removed from society, my city brain wondered. […]

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Mosquito Repellent Travel Clothes Keeps Zika Away

Mosquitoes love me! I found this out on a fishing trip near Anchorage, Alaska. The mosquitoes were as big as the wild king salmon on the end of my fishing pole. Okay, that might be […]