Coney Island, Ohio: More than 125 Years of Fun

When my cousin and I were searching for a location for our twin fathers’ recent birthday celebration, my dad suggested Coney Island on the banks of the Ohio River, 10 miles east of Cincinnati. This is the amusement park of our childhoods. With its more than 125 year history, Coney Island also enchanted my grandparents in their youth. In the 1920s, Coney […]

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The Seaside Inn, Falmouth, Massachusetts

This post was contributed by Lisa Crovo Dion

Ever since I was a youngster, I’ve spent summers on Cape Cod, Ma. It’s a magical place of windswept dunes, beautiful beaches, roses and hydrangea blooms, and shingle style cottages surrounded by white picket fences.

I’ve been keeping up the tradition with my San Francisco kids, who have fallen […]

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The Ladies of Managua: A Lush Road-Trip Read

I cracked open Eleni Gage’s novel, The Ladies of Managua as my husband, son, and I left visiting friends in Illinois on our way to Montana. In between watching the changing scenery and play of light on the landscape, I settled into Gage’s lush worlds of Nicaragua and New Orleans as she wove together the […]

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