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Tripbase Travel Secrets E-Books for Charity

First down loadable series of E-books of Travel Secrets –  Free!

Imagine a list of top secret travel tips compiled by travel writers and bloggers from across the globe? If you are a savvy web user and look to the internet as a first step to begin your travel planning, have I got a travel tip […]

May 21st, 2010|Travel, Travel Writer|

Three Best Travel Secrets


Secret Travel Tips from a Travel Expert

As a travel writer, I’m often asked “what are your best travel tips?” Rather than respond with “read my newspaper or magazine column,” I came up with three travel tips that I don’t think you’ll find anywhere else.

Visit Your Destination on Horseback

Get off the beaten path during your travels […]

May 14th, 2010|Travel, Travel Writer|

How to Work with Travel Bloggers

Working with travel bloggers as easy as online dating?

While the title may sound arrogant, some might describe the world of travel blogging as yet uncharted territory. If only the relationship between travel bloggers and public relations professionals were as easy as online dating.

Instead of filling out a form listing our physical characteristics and our favorite activities such as walking on the beach […]

January 29th, 2010|Blogging, Travel Writer|