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Three Best Travel Secrets

Friday May 14, 2010 at 12:12 AM | 1 Comment

Three Best Travel Secrets, Travel Tips from Travel Expert Nancy D. Brown

Three Best Travel Secrets from Nancy D. Brown


Secret Travel Tips from a Travel Expert

As a travel writer, I’m often asked “what are your best travel tips?” Rather than respond with “read my newspaper or magazine column,” I came up with three travel tips that I don’t think you’ll find anywhere else.

Visit Your Destination on Horseback

travel tip secrets from Nancy D. Brown, visit your destination on horseback

Travel Writer Nancy D. Brown recommends you visit your destination on horseback

Get off the beaten path during your travels and hit the dirt – literally. Visit your destination from the back of a horse. Unless you are touring a major city, most places offer horseback riding to the general public. From beginner to advanced rider, there are many types of horseback riding vacations available across the globe.  

Visiting Kauai? Go horseback riding on one of the oldest working cattle ranches in Hawaii at Princeville Ranch.

What better way to learn about California’s Los Padres National Forest than from a local who rides the horseback riding trails on a daily basis?

 Have you considered horseback riding to Iceland’s Blue Lagoon? There are special equitrekking tours offered for the horse lovers amongst us.  I try to fit in a horseback ride on all of my travels.  


Visit The San Francisco Visitors Site "Only in San Francisco" and learn from locals

Visit The San Francisco Visitors Site "Only in San Francisco" and learn from locals


Social Media – a Traveler’s Best Friend?  

We all look online when we are planning a trip. You wouldn’t be reading these secrets if you weren’t web-savvy. Once you have narrowed down your destination, let’s say a visit to San Francisco, do a search to find the San Francisco CVB (Convention & Visitors Bureau.) Once you’ve found them,  look to see if they have a FB page and are on Twitter. Follow them, become a fan. Ask direct questions about where to find lodging discounts or where to go for the best tacos in the Mission District. CVB’s exist to serve you, the traveler – use them and save money while you’re at it.  

By the way, you can follow me on Twitter and for the horse lovers.   

Lost Luggage Tip Secrets  

Have you ever had your luggage lost on an airline flight? I had my luggage lost on a non-stop flight. Rather than stomp my feet and raise my blood pressure, I decided to ask fellow travel writers for their lost luggage tips and share the secrets with you.

My favorite tip comes from Wendy Perrin of Conde Nast Traveler magazine, “take a picture of your luggage from your mobile phone. This way you can show the airline EXACTLY what it looks like.”

What’s your best travel secret?

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How to Work with Travel Bloggers

Friday January 29, 2010 at 7:07 AM | 42 Comments

"Pajaro Dunes sunset"

How to work with travel bloggers – not a walk on the beach

Working with travel bloggers as easy as online dating?

While the title may sound arrogant, some might describe the world of travel blogging as yet uncharted territory. If only the relationship between travel bloggers and public relations professionals were as easy as online dating.

Instead of filling out a form listing our physical characteristics and our favorite activities such as walking on the beach at sunset, we could describe our blog and tell our potential suitor what we’re looking for in crafting the perfect post.

As a public relations professional with over 26 years in the industry, I come to the travel writer/travel blogger relationship with a unique perspective. On one hand, I understand how PR Pros feel over-whelmed in wading through the endless amount of travel blogs. However, that’s not to say that there are not tools available to account executives to help vet a qualified travel blogger.


Tips for Creating Successful Relationships with Travel Bloggers:

  • Read my blog before you send the e-mail asking me to write about or interview your client.
  • Take the time to address your pitch to me, Nancy Brown.
  • Don’t follow up to ask when the article will appear. If you have your Google Alerts set, you will see my posts as they go live.
  • Don’t ask me to link to your blog or offer to write a guest post for me if I don’t accept guest posts.
  • Please don’t ask me to write a post for your client because it will provide me with “exposure.”
"one way"

Successful travel blogger/PR relationships are not one way streets

Tips for Creating Successful Relationships with Public Relations Professionals:

  • Keep in mind that like you, I have deadlines and demands of my time.
  • Take the time to visit my website and learn of my client before you ask of something from me.
  • Be accountable, courteous and professional. Successful relationships are not one-way streets.
  • My client may not yet understand the value of online media coverage. Don’t be offended when I ask for your Alexa, Compete or Technorati statistics or your Google Analytics. Part of my job is to “vet” bloggers, deliver circulation figures and determine editorial reach.



What tips do you have to offer for creating successful media relationships?

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Pajaro Dunes sunset and street sign photo by Nancy D. Brown

Happy Birthday Nancy D. Brown

Tuesday January 12, 2010 at 7:07 AM | 6 Comments

Posted by Nancy D. Brown

Horseback Riding Vacation at Kay El Bar RanchHappy Birthday to me.

I’m back from Wickenburg, Arizona where I enjoyed a pre-birthday celebration in January with Trisha Miller of Travel Writers Exchange and the cowboys of Kay El Bar Ranch.

Travel plans to look forward to in 2010:

January press trip to Ojai with a stay at Su Nido all suites boutique hotel, a spa treatment at The Day Spa of Ojai and hopefully some horseback riding.

February, I’m off to Cody, Wyoming as a guest of the Park County Travel Council. I’ll stay at the Chamberlin Inn, visit the Buffalo Bill Museum and would love to stop in on the Dude Ranchers’ Association to meet Executive Director Colleen Hudson.


Wells Fargo World Ice Art Championship photo Kris WilsonMarch you’ll find me in Anchorage, Alaska for the start of the Iditarod Race with the folks at Alaska Travel Industry Association. Then I’m off to Fairbanks, Alaska to check out the World Ice Art Championships.

I think I’ll be sleeping at The Wedgewood Resort and I’m truly hoping that the owners of Apocalypse Design take pity on this woefully under-prepared California girl and let me test drive one of their Alpine Parkas.

April  What’s in store for me?

MayI hope to be flying from San Francisco to Germany with Air Berlin’s new non-stop flights to Dusseldorf and go horseback riding from one bed and breakfast to the next.

June Our daughter graduates from high school and our son graduates from 8th grade. Then I’m off to network with fellow travel bloggers at TBEX ’10 in New York, June 26-27.


Fjord horse photo courtesy of Moods of NorwayAugust Crossing my fingers that Harald Hansen of Innovation Norway will arrange for my visit on board The Hurtigruten. My birthday wish will come true if I get to ride a Fjord horse in Norway.






Horseback Riding Vacations

Have you noticed a horse theme throughout this post? I’ve launched a new blog, Writing Horseback and look forward to riding as much as possible in 2010. If you like horseback riding vacations, please join my Writing Horseback Facebook Fan Page.

Looks like I have plenty of travel slots to fill. Where will your travels take you in 2010? Leave me a comment. I’d love to hear from you.