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Stuff Sack – Dog Travel Bed Review

Wednesday November 13, 2013 at 5:05 AM | 2 Comments

dog bed

Stella gives me “the look” on her Molly Mutt dog bed

Pet lovers know that dogs are smart. In fact, they understand many words, hand signals and whistles. I only need to look into my dog’s eyes when I’m getting ready to travel to know that she wants to go with me. It doesn’t matter where I am traveling to, or how long it takes to reach our destination, as long as she is with me and not left home alone.

I recently got “the look” as I prepared for a trip to Carmel, California. With so many pet-friendly hotels available for dog owners, there’s really no reason not to travel with your pet.

Molly Mutt dog bed duvet

Whether used at home or on the road, the Molly Mutt dog bed duvet is made of 100% cotton for easy care, wash and wear. Like me, my Labrador retriever likes to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and explore mountain trails or beach walks. Often times, that means returning home or to the hotel with mud on my boots or sand between my toes; same goes for my dog.

Molly Mutt dog bed

Molly Mutt dog bed duvet review

Dog bed as stuff sack

As a hunting dog, my Labrador retriever actually has her own pair of booties for rough terrain. She is also known to pack sand between her webbed paws and carries the beach with her in her saltwater drenched, sand-covered fur coat.

Insider tip

Another reason to love the Molly Mutt dog bed duvet. Fill the duvet with clean dog towels for your road trip. After your outdoor adventures, throw the dirty towels and duvet in the wash and presto, happy dog, clean towels and clean dog bed.

The Berkeley, California-based company has numerous items for cats and dogs of any size. As our dog fits in the large, sporting breed size, I opted for the huge (36″ x 45″ x 5″) wild horses duvet. This tan dog bed duvet with blue piping retails for $49.95 – less for smaller sizes and is available for purchase online.

For additional insider tips follow Luxury Travel Writer Nancy D. Brown on Twitter and follow @mollymutt on Twitter.

Molly Mutt dog bed duvet

Stella and her Molly Mutt Dog bed ready for travel

Where to Buy:
Molly Mutt  (510) 524-2900

675 Cedar Street
Berkeley, California 94710

Molly Mutt provided me (and my pooch) with this dog travel bed for review. All opinions are my own.

Hayden-Harnett Passport Case Travel Gear Review

Wednesday July 10, 2013 at 5:05 AM | 8 Comments


My passport is my most valued travel possession

My passport is one of my most valued travel possessions, yet I treat it like a third-class citizen. I’m ashamed to admit that my passport resides in a plastic holder. Today, thanks to the folks at Hayden-Harnett, my passport is getting a fashion upgrade.  My passport will now fly in style with the leather passport case from Hayden-Harnett.

Multi-function passport case

The multi-functional passport case not only looks sexy, it holds my passport, ID, credit cards, boarding pass and anything else I need to keep organized while I travel.

The leather passport case features interior pockets, with an interior ID window, cotton canvas lining on the inside and American-tanned cow leather on the outside. It comes in three colors; Anthracite, Silver Iridescent and  White Snake.

The passport case measures 4-3/8″L x 5-1/4″H

Hayden-Harnett Passport Cases

Hayden-Harnett Passport Cases travel gear review

Passport case for travel

While I did feel like a Project Runway success story with my new passport case from Hayden-Harnett, there was a slight down-side to my upgrade. When traveling in Europe, a lot of hotels ask to hold your passport during the duration of your stay. I always opted to remove my passport from the leather case, as I didn’t want to risk losing my expensive passport cover.

Designed for men and women, the passport case may also serve double-duty as a wallet.


Insider Tip:

When traveling in Europe, or any country that requires you relinquish your passport to the hotel, hostel, or authorities, I suggest that you provide a photocopy of your passport as an alternative to providing the actual passport.

Hayden-Harnett Passport Case retails for $78. Check the website for details.

Hayden-Harnett Passport Cover

Hayden-Harnett Passport Cover

For additional insider tips follow Luxury Travel Writer Nancy D. Brown on Twitter and follow Hayden-Harnett on Twitter @hayden_harnett.

Where to buy:

Passport Case Hayden-Harnett

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Hayden-Harnett Passport case review written and photos by Travel Writer Nancy D. Brown of What a Trip, Travels from Northern California. Hayden-Harnett supplied me with this passport case for review. All opinions are my own.

Guideline Prescription Sunglasses Eyewear for Travel, Fishing

Wednesday June 12, 2013 at 5:05 AM | 1 Comment

Nancy D. Brown fish

Travel Writer Nancy D. Brown fishing Alaska’s Yetna River

I remember fishing with my husband for king salmon on Alaska’s Yetna River with our fishing guide Zak Greenwood back in 2007. I called him the steely eyed guide because he could spot fish moving underwater faster than a hummingbird in flight. I don’t know if his laser eye ability was due to his polarized sunglasses, or the fact that he grew up fishing the rivers of Idaho and Washington. Whatever the case, I remember thinking that I wanted to be able to spot fish like Zak. Fast forward six years and my first purchase of Guideline sunglasses.  These are not just any sunglasses, mind you, they are prescription sunglasses from Guideline, a Hollister, California-based company that specialize in eyegear for the fisherman and woman.


Guideline sunglasses

Nancy D. Brown reviews Guideline prescription sunglasses

Guideline prescription sunglasses

I’m not thrilled to admit that I need prescription glasses, or that I wear bifocals. But the truth is, I like being able to see a fish gliding under the water and I like being able to kick back on a boat, or cruise ship, and read a book with the same pair of sunglasses. In fact, I feel quite blessed to be out in nature and see so much beauty above and below the water.


Guideline eyewear protection

Some of you know that I specialize in equestrian travel. It is just as important to wear good eye protection out on the trail as it is on the water. I selected the Current Rx frame due to its aggressive wrap design, offering eye protection from the sun, dust and wind. With its modified square, wrap style frame, these ultra-light sunglasses are sure to stay put riding the waves, or riding horseback.


Sunglasses with polarized lenses

Nancy D. Brown sunglasses

Nancy Brown wearing Guideline prescription sunglasses

As anyone who spends time on the water knows, the sun’s rays dance on the water’s surface. Polarized lenses may cost a bit more, $20. in this instance, but they cut the glare and protect your eyes from harmful sun rays. With the Guideline Current Rx bifocals, the lens tints are offered in gray, brown or Spring Creek Cooper tint.  I opted for deep water gray tint and am happy with my selection.

Not all Guideline sunglasses frames accommodate bifocals, but the folks at Guideline are very friendly and, for a deposit, they’ll ship you the different frames to try before you buy.

With a base price of  $169.00, my Guideline Current Rx prescription bifocal sunglasses are an excellent investment in eyegear.


Guideline sunglasses review

Guideline sunglasses for travel, fishing and riding

For additional insider tips follow Luxury Travel Writer Nancy D. Brown on Twitter and follow Guideline Eyegear on Twitter @guidelinesun.

Where to buy:

Guideline Sunglasses

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Article written by and photos courtesy of  Travel Writer Nancy D. Brown of What a Trip, Travels from Northern California. Guideline supplied me with these prescription sunglasses for review.