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Giveaway: Fly Through Airport Security with Clear Card

Thursday June 7, 2012 at 10:10 AM | 24 Comments

"Harried Traveler"

Harried traveler making a mad dash through Vancouver's YVR Airport in Canada

Fancy yourself the James Bond type? Armed with high tech gadgets, Bond is able to enter high security buildings with his top-secret security clearance levels. At the wave of a hand or the scan of  an iris, Bond is able to go places not accessible to the mere mortal.

Biometrics could save you time at the airport

Enter Clear, the nation’s  biometric secure ID program that speeds you through airport security.  I recently joined Clear because I am a frequent flyer and I spend a lot of time waiting in airport security lines.  The Clear program recently launched its expedited traveler service at San Francisco International Airport (SFO). CLEARlanes will be located at every terminal at SFO, allowing all passengers on any airline to use their biometrics to speed through security.


Clear comes to San Francisco International Airport

Win your own Clear card FREE

Want your own Clear card? Leave a comment, including your e-mail address, offering a time-saving travel tip and you’ll be entered into the random drawing for your very own one-year James Bond experience, Clear card. Giveaway winner selected after June 30, 2012 deadline.

Everyone’s a winner here at What a Trip. Even if you don’t win the one-year Clear card, you’ll be able to experience the Clear card for three months compliments of Clear.  Enter code CMNB08 on the Clear page.  Hurry, this code expires July 31, 2012.


Verify your passport, scan your iris and provide fingerprints at Clearme.com

Clear at Denver, Orlando & San Francisco Airports

Since re-launching in November 2010, the CLEARlanes at Denver International Airport and Orlando International Airport have been used more than 500,000 times. CLEAR has a base of more than 200,000 members across the U.S., including about 40,000 in San Francisco.

CLEAR membership costs $179 for one year with unlimited use. Members may add their spouse or partner with the Family Plan for an additional $50. All children under 18 may use the CLEARlane free of charge, and with no enrollment necessary, when accompanied by an adult member. Enrollment can be a one or two-step process. Go straight to the airport to register online (don’t forget to bring your passport) or sign up on-line, you’ll need a credit card, and finish the process of passport verification, finger printing and iris image scan at an airport kiosk. Allow at least 15 minutes for the membership verification process.

For more up-to-date happenings, follow Clear on Twitter and like their page on Facebook. For all things travel related, follow Travel Expert Nancy D. Brown on Twitter.

"Clear card"

Speed through airport security with the Clear card.


WINNER: Congratulations Jen Leo. You are the winner of a one year CLEAR card. The winner was determined using Random.org.


If You Go:

CLEAR (855) ClearMe (253-2763)

The Clear card giveaway was sponsored by ClearMe.com. Clear supplied me with a one-year membership for review.

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ABEO H20 Waterproof Sandal found at The Walking Company

Friday May 25, 2012 at 8:08 AM | 0 Comments

"ABEO sandals"

ABEO waterproof sandal travel gear review; all-purpose adventure sandals

In northern California, we tend to expect summer weather year-round. Californians have been known to push the weather envelope when it comes to fashion. You’ll notice  a lot of Californians wear shorts and sandals winter, spring, summer and fall. If it’s cold outside, we add a sweater or sweatshirt to our layers and continue our day, preferably wearing shorts and sandals.

ABEO – ultimate, all-purpose adventure sandals

There’s nothing I love more than a comfortable pair of sandals. And being the active adventure type, I prefer waterproof sandals with a closed toe. The ABEO H20 sandal has got it all; a great sandal for water activities, the waterproof leather uppers give good coverage of the foot, while the cap toe protects feet from those unexpected bumps in the road, or rapids along the river. I learned about the importance of closed toe sandals while on a down hill mountain bike ride. Let’s just say I don’t ride mountain bike trails without closed toes shoes any longer, and my days of being a foot model have come and gone.

"ABEO waterproof sandal"

ABEO travel gear review; closed toe sandals for the active traveler

The insole provides a custom, 3-D fit footbed, while the channeled rubber outsole offers grip and traction for river walk hops and scrambling up slippery slopes.  For those who prefer a custom fit sandal without the custom-made price, the elastic lace up vamp gives a snug fit and the heel strap is adjustable. If you wear these sandals on the airplane or in the car and you take them off, your seatmates will appreciate the Aegis microbe shield that helps eliminate odor, staining and overall deterioration of the sandal.

For additional insider tips follow Luxury Travel Writer Nancy D. Brown on Twitter and follow The Walking Company  on Twitter  and like them on  Facebook.

If You Go:


"ABEO Sandal" "The Walking Company"

ABEO sandals from The Walking Company, a travel gear review

The Walking Company has shoes for every foot. They guarantee the best price and the company offers free returns at any store. Priced at $119.95, the ABEO H20 sandals doesn’t take up much room in a suitcase. If you live in a sunny climate, or are headed to a warm weather location, wear the ABEO sandals on the plane. They are easy to slip on and off going through airport security and with the Aegis microbe shield, your feet won’t stink when you take off your sandals. Now who doesn’t love that?

The ABEO Denver H20 Sandal review written by and photos courtesy of  Travel Writer Nancy D. Brown of What a Trip, Travels from Northern California. The Walking Company supplied me with this travel gear for review.

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Sanuk Standard Checked Out Sidewalk Surfers Travel Gear Review

Friday May 11, 2012 at 8:08 AM | 0 Comments

"Sanuk Sidewalk Surfer"

Sanuk Standard Checked Out Sidewalk Surfers – Travel Gear Review

Stylish sandals for surfers and slackers

Should I feel guilty that I’m attracted to Sanuk shoes sandals? Afterall, I’m not a buffed and toned surfer. I’m a travel writer. I believe that comfort trumps fashion in footwear. But there is such a thing as fashionable AND comfortable footwear and I have found it in Sanuk Sidewalk Surfers.

You may want to call these Sidewalk Surfers “shoes,” but don’t. The folks at Sanuk want you to know that “These ARE NOT shoes.” (They’re sandals.)

Sanuk’s colorful canvas palette

The Sidewalk Surfers feature really flexible and lightweight “Vulc-Lite” construction with a canvas sock liner of AEGIS antimicrobial additive to combat odor and foot fungus.

If you prefer your footwear to be vegan and vegetarian, these sidewalk surfers qualify. I like them because they are crazy comfortable. They may be worn with shorts or long pants and the woven checker pattern is cool. The company offers all sorts of colorful patterns to choose from in the women’s line. What else would you expect from this hip Southern California-based company?

"Sanuk Sandals"

Sanuk’s Checked Out Sidewalk Surfers are great at the pool or the beach – read the review

Sanuk goes social

You may follow Sanuk on Twitter @SanukFootwear and follow Travel Writer Nancy D. Brown on Twitter, too.

If You Go:

Pack your Sanuk footwear. The Standard Checked Out Sidewalk Surfers pack flat and don’t take up much room. Better yet, wear them on the airplane. They slip on and off easily going through airport security.

Article written by and photos courtesy of  Travel Writer Nancy D. Brown of What a Trip, Travels from Northern California.Sanuk supplied me with these Standard Checked Out Sidewalk Surfers for review. Suggested retail $60.

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