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Wolverine Boat Shoe Travel Gear Review

Friday November 18, 2011 at 12:12 AM | 0 Comments

"Wolverine Boat Shoes"

Wolverine Boat Shoe – Travel Gear Review

Wolverine Boat Shoe for outdoor travel

For the traveler, footwear is important. It has to be comfortable, durable and protect your feet from the elements.  The Wolverine C3 Boat shoe meets all of the aforementioned requirements and  looks fashionable while protecting the all important foot. This performance water shoe features fast drying materials in the upper, meant to wick moisture  from the foot – and we all know how important dry feet are to the traveler! The rubber outer sole offers grip and stability – important on boats, as well as out on the trail. Unique to the Wolverine Boat shoe is the patented mid-sole which forces water out of the shoe and draws fresh air in to cool and dry the feet.

The full-grain waterproof leather and mesh upper combination looks sporty and serves the dual purpose of keeping air circulating in the foot bed.

"Wolverine Boat Shoe"

Wolverine Travel Gear Review, durable footwear designed for the active traveler

Wolverine Boat Shoe on San Francisco Bay

I wore the Wolverine Boat shoes to the Napa Valley for a full day of winetasting in the rain and in the sunshine.  While my palette was fatigued from all of the wine, my feet were comfortable the entire trip.

Also known as a lace-up water moccasin, I wore these shoes in San Francisco, out on the bay, during a RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) adventure. With the Vibram sole, I felt confident on deck and in the vineyards with the no-slip tread.

If You Go:

Pack your Wolverine boat shoes. Priced at $123, Wolverine Boat Shoes are ideal for general travel or on boats, of course. The shoes also look fashionable when paired with jeans and they easily slip on and off when traveling through  airport security screenings.

For more information on Wolverine you may follow Wolverine on Twitter. For all things travel-related, follow travel expert Nancy D. Brown on Twitter Wolverine supplied me with this travel gear for review.

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Suzanne Somers NAP26 App Travel Gear Review

Friday October 21, 2011 at 12:12 AM | 4 Comments

Sleep deprived college student reviews Suzanne Somers NAP26 - Travel Gear Review

I am a college student who has struggled with sleep issues for the past year or so. I have tried many different sleep aids and devices but nothing has seen to work for me and Nap26 is no exception. The idea behind Suzanne Somers’ CD “Nap26” is that after listening to soothing sounds for 26 minutes, the listener will wake up feeling like they have just slept for three hours.

Dowload NAP26 App to iPhone or iPad

I downloaded the CD onto my iPod and hoped to fall asleep listening to the track. The CD begins by telling the listener to get comfortable and relax, which was easy enough. The CD then goes on to play 26 minutes of what sounds like Niagara Falls. This is not soothing; it is irritating. Not only did I never even become close to falling asleep, the dull monotonous drone of the water made me more anxious. I kept waiting for the soothing sounds to begin. I looked at my iPod and the track was already halfway over and I was in no way tired. Finally after painfully listening to the same sound for about 24 minutes, the track ends with a man saying “You can wake up from your name now.” Really? Can I? I was never napping. Then for some reason birds start chirping and the track is finished.

NAP26 App – good intentions – no sleep relief

Nap26 has good intentions,  but it proved completely unsuccessful for me. I did not feel energized or more alert. I listened to the track later to give it a second chance and had to shut it off. If you can fall asleep next to Niagara Falls, then you can fall asleep to Nap26, if not, then you’re out of luck.

Do you have trouble getting enough sleep during your travels? What helps you when you feel sleep fatigued?

IF You Go:

NAP26 App

The Suzanne Somers NAP26 App for iPhone, iPad and Android platforms is available from the Apple App Store, Android Marketplace and Blackberry platform. You may follow NAP26 on Twitter or follow Travel Writer Nancy D. Brown on Twitter for all things travel related.

College student Kendall Brown wrote this travel gear review. Powr Naps  supplied me with this travel app and CD for review.

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Kigo Edge Footwear Travel Gear Review

Friday August 26, 2011 at 12:12 AM | 0 Comments

"Kigo" "Edge" "footwear" "Nancy D. Brown"

Kigo Edge travel gear review; slip-on footwear designed for active men and women

Kigo Edge footwear for active men and women

Imelda Marcos had a fascination with shoes. Lately, I have had an attraction to athletic footwear. I bonded with my personal butler in Los Cabos, Mexico, as we were both wearing our Sanuk surf sandals. My butler, when  not working at Marquis Los Cabos Resort, is a surfer. I, on the other hand, am a poser. I am a woman seeking comfortable, sporty-looking footwear.

Kigo lightweight footwear

Today, I find myself wearing Kigo footwear. I recently wore them to Curacao in the Dutch Caribbean. This Atlanta, Georgia-based company has its roots in Carbondale, Colorado; home to active outdoor sports enthusiasts. For myself, I was attracted to the Kigo Edge for its lightweight (five ounces per shoe) and comfortable fit. If I were a barefoot runner, which I am not, I imagine the Kigo shoe to be an attractive choice where footwear is required.

"Kigo Edge" "footwear" "Nancy D. Brown"

Kigo travel gear review; lightweight footwear for the active traveler

For the active traveler

Are you an active traveler looking for comfortable, breathable and lightweight footwear that packs flat and is easily worn through airport security lines? If the Kigo Edge fits – wear it! The shoe offers good traction on sail boats, is EPA approved water and stain resistant and features an anti-microbial removable EVA insole, good for river-rafting.

If you are interested in special sales or discounts, friend the company on Facebook or follow Kigo on Twitter.  You may also follow Travel Writer Nancy D. Brown on Twitter for all things travel related.

"Kigo Edge footwear" "Curacao"

This Kigo Edge footwear traveled to Curacao in the Dutch Caribbean by land, sea and air

If You Go:

Pack your Kigo footwear. Priced at $69.99, the Kigo Edge packs flat and doesn’t take up much room. Better yet, wear your Kigo’s on the airplane. They slip on and off easily going through airport security and while you are seated on the airplane.

Kigo supplied me with this travel gear for review.

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