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Win a trip to Oslo, Norway for two

Wednesday January 23, 2013 at 9:09 AM | 0 Comments


Norway celebrates Edvard Munch, painter of Scream

Edvard Munch is Norway’s most beloved artist, and 2013 marks the 150th anniversary of his birth. The whole year is being dedicated to Munch’s life and work. As a part of this year-long celebration, Visit Norway is offering the chance to win two round-trip tickets to Oslo.

On January 23, Visit Norway released a 30-second film entitled Scream. The goal is to make it go viral, and honor Edvard Munch (whose most famous painting is Scream) in the process.



How to win Visit Norway giveaway

 Help me, help you win two tickets to Oslo. I have posted the video on my Twitter feed @NancyDBrown  and YouTube channel, as well as on this page. Like and share the video on YouTube, and retweet my #NorwayScream tweets. It’s that easy. By helping me get the #NorwayScream traffic on my sites, it will allow me to win two tickets that I can then give away to a reader of my blog. IF I get the most retweets, likes, and shares, I will give away two tickets to Oslo, Norway at a future date.

Tweet to win trip to Norway

Tweet #NorwayScream @NancyDBrown, win trip to Oslo, Norway

The more you mention the hashtag #NorwayScream  @NancyDBrown on Twitter or retweet my @NancyDBrown tweets, the better your chances of winning.

The contest runs from January 23 to February 7, 2013 so get those likes, shares, and retweets done as soon as possible! 

Note: The prize includes two round-trip tickets from the United States, so if you are international, you will be responsible for getting to the US on your own.

Edvard Munch Background: http://www.visitnorway.com/us/Media–press/Events-in-Norway/Edvard-Munch-Year-2013

If You Go:

Visit Norway

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Scream photo copyright_The Munch Museum_Munch-Ellingsen Group_Bono 2012

Things to See and Do in Norway on Hurtigruten Cruise Ship

Friday October 22, 2010 at 12:12 AM | 6 Comments

Sami natives, Finnmark, Norway, Nancy D. Brown, travel

Native Sami Couple in traditional costumes, Finnmark, Norway

Discover Authentic Norway on Hurtigruten Cruise Ship

If I close my eyes, I can still see visions of pink, red and orange streaks lighting up the Norwegian skyline. It was an August sunset in Bergen that I witnessed aboard Hurtigruten’s MS Midnatsol, my lodging during a six-night cruise along Norway’s west coast.

With its majestic Norwegian fjords and snow capped mountains, Norway is accessible by boat, car, train and plane. However, sailing is my preferred mode of transportation when it comes to discovering Norway. After all, Norwegian Viking ships sailed the North Sea long before Christopher Columbus discovered America.

Hurtigruten – Worlds Most Beautiful Voyage

If you require television, slot machines, craps tables and nightly entertainment resembling Hollywood productions, Norway’s Hurtigruten cruises are not for you. However, if you prefer daily access to stunning vistas, excursions to Trondheim’s Nidaros Cathedral, dining with Norwegian Vikings in Bode or bird watching in Honnigsvag, sailing with Hurtigruten  may be your ticket to discovering authentic Norway.

Take a horseback ride on a Fjord horse in Bergen, Norway

Hurtigruten – A Different Type of Cruising

Unlike super-sized cruise ships bedecked with water slides and climbing walls, Hurtigruten stakes its claim on Norway’s authentic beauty. The cruise typically begins in Bergen, Norway. Fly in early to visit the fish market, Hanseatic Wharf and Edvard Grieg Museum. Minutes from Bergen is the historic Øvre-Eide Farm. Take a carriage ride behind a fjord horse or go for a horseback ride on a Fjord horse.

Art Nouveau Alesund, Norway

Hurtigruten ships are working ships, and by that I mean that they carry cars and packages, as well as passengers. The Hurtigruten makes 34 ports of call and offers shore excursions in many of the ports. On my trip, I disembarked at the Art Nouveau town of Alesund and visited one of several museums, including the Sunnmøre Open Air Museum, with old Norwegian building replicas and a working Viking ship.  Further up the west coast, Trondheim is known for its Nidaros Cathedral and boasts the worlds only bicycle lift.

Adventure Seekers in Norway

Hurtigruten, MS Midnatsol, ship, Norway, Nancy D. Brown, travel

Hurtigruten’s MS Midnatsol – an authentic way to experience Norway

With the world’s largest population of sea eagles, Bodo is also known as the land of the midnight sun, as the sun doesn’t set during summer months. Take an inflatable rubber boat in search of these mighty birds and experience the Saltstraumen, the world’s most powerful tidal current.

It is near Bodo when the Hurtigruten crosses the Arctic Circle and passengers may volunteer to experience a different sort of baptism – see above video.

Samis and reindeer and bears – oh my!

Far in the reaches of Northern Norway, passengers may sip reindeer soup in Finnmark with Sami locals, participate in a Viking feast and see what life was once like in Tromsø at the Polar Museum, where natives hunted seals and Polar bears to survive the long, cold winters.

Vigeland Sculpture Garden, Oslo, Norway, Nancy D. Brown, travel

Vigeland Sculpture Garden in Oslo, Norway is not to be missed

O is for Oslo Opera House

As is the case with Bergen, allow extra time in bustling Oslo, Norway. The Oslo Opera House offers stunning acoustics and the Vigeland Sculpture Garden is not to be missed.

If You Go:

Hurtigruten (800) 323-7436

5100 NW 33rdAve. Suite 255, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309

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Are Cruise Ships Environmentally Friendly?

I was a guest of Hurtigruten and Innovation Norway. Article, YouTube video and photos by Nancy D. Brown. Fjord horse photo courtesy of Ovre-Eide Farm.

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Best Things to Do in Alesund, Norway

Friday October 15, 2010 at 12:12 AM | 6 Comments

Mount Aksla, Alesund, Norway, Things to Do, Nancy D. Brown, travel

The first place I take a visitor to Alesund, Norway is to Mount Aksla Fjellstua viewpoint.

The first place I take a visitor from out of town is to Mount Aksla Fjellstua viewpoint.  The view of the town, islands and the majestic Sunnmore Alps further inland is fantastic. To get to Aksla you can either climb the 418 steps from the town park or drive up. In the summer season you can you can also go there in a sightseeing train.  

When I crave Alesund cuisine, I turn to one of the many fish restaurants for a delicious fish dish.

To escape work I go to the lighthouse at Alnes. It is located in a small fishing village on the island of Godoy just outside of Ålesund. Here you can hike up the mountain of Godøy, go wandering along the beach or just enjoy coffee and homemade cakes at the lighthouse.

For complete quiet, I can hide away at the many fjords, mountains and islands in Alesund.

If you come to Ålesund get your picture taken at Mount Aksla/ Fjellstua viewpoint, or by the picturesque Brosundet canal.

If you have to order one thing off the menu at Restaurant Sjøbua, get the “fisketallerken” fish-platter (a selection of fish).

Norwegian National Costume, Norway, heritage, Nancy D. Brown, travel

Norweigan National Costumes worn on special occasions

Ålesund is my one stop shop for Norwegian wool at Devold of Norway.

When I’m feeling cash-strapped, I go to Egon.

For a huge splurge, I go to Sjøbua Fish Restaurant, Maki Fish Restaurant, or XL Diner.

Photo ops in Alesund include Mount Aksla/Fjellstua viewpoint, Brosundet canal buildings and the Art Nouveau architecture with decorative and colorful ornamentation.

The best vantage points are taken by walking to the top of mount Aksla/ Fjellstua View point.

The most random thing about Ålesund is the Norwegian Food Festival.

In Ålesund an active day outdoors involves walking, hiking, fishing, kayaking, skiing, sailing and diving.

My favorite walking route is the Brosundet canal, Mount Aksla pathways and Sukkertoppen Mountain.

Alesund, Norway, Art Nouveau Museum, Nancy D. Brown, travel

Alesund, Norway's best museum is The Art Nouveau Centre

Ålesund’s best museum is The Art Nouveau Centre.

To find out what’s going on at night or on weekends, read  Sunnmørsposten.

In the summer you should attend Alesund Boat festival, Midsummerjazz , Sommerparty, or Jugendfest.

In the fall you should visit the Sunnmore Open Air Museum.

In the winter you should go skiing.

A hidden gem in Alesund is Molja, what we call the “old town.” The street where we still have some wooden buildings surviving the city fire.

For a great breakfast treat or espresso, go to the Invit Coffeebar, or Nomaden Espressobar.

Just outside of Ålesund you can visit the world famous UNESCO World Heritage site  – The Geirangerfjord.

The best way to see Alesund is to walk. Climb the 418 steps to Mount Aksla/Fjellstua or drive.

If you have kids, you won’t want to miss: Atlantic Sea Park (aquarium.)

Alesund, Norway, fisherman, Nancy D. Brown, travel

Fishing is an important industry to Alesund, Norway

What are your favorite things to do in Alesund, Norway?

Thanks to Bente Saxon and Visit Alesund for assistance with this post. You may also become a Facebook Fan of Alesund, Norway. I was a guest of Visit Norway. Article, YouTube video and photos by Nancy D. Brown

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