Germany’s Passau Christmas Market

Are you looking forward to the Christmas Markets of Germany? Passau’s Christkindl Markt was special to me in that it had some very unique holiday items and foods on offer and the festive atmosphere was magical. Located in lower Bavaria on the Austrian border, Passau is known as The City of Three Rivers or Dreiflüssestadt, […]

January 23rd, 2015|Germany|

Germany’s Regensburg Christmas Market

December is a magical time to visit the medieval city of Regensburg, Germany. Named a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2006, this location was a great trading metropolis built up in the middle ages and was not destroyed during any of the wars. The people are friendly, the shops along the cobblestone streets of Old […]

January 16th, 2015|Cruise, Germany|

Germany’s Nuremberg Christmas Market

Curious about visiting the Christmas Markets of Europe? The most traditional Christmas market in Germany is the Nuremberg Christmas Market in the German state of Bavaria. This annual Christkindlesmarkt or Christ Child Market, started back in the middle ages. The magic of Christmas unfolds during Advent in the Hauptmarkt, the central square in Nuremberg’s old […]

December 26th, 2014|Germany|